Yep folks, another “Survival” blog…with one difference

Hi there, and welcome aboard.

I’ve been a vehicle oriented guy for many years now. 2 wheels, 4 wheels…heck, 6 and 8 wheels for that matter.

I did a quick search for specialist content in this niche – a niche that I’ve been in for decades now, and something that I like to talk about and teach folks about. Nothing that I could see. Oh sure, forums and other areas, but you have to parse the content there.  Hundreds of thousands of words to get to that kernel you’re looking for – gotta be a better way.

So here it is. The better way to learn about your survival wheels.

In the months to come I’ll be going through various options, concepts, ideas, innovations and news. I’m a usual attendee at the SHOT and SEMA shows (SHOT is Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade show, and the SEMA shows are Specialty Equipment Market Association trade shows. Neither one of which are open to the general public, but they’re both the top places to see what’s upcoming, as far as equipment is concerned. Plus I like to go to Vegas) and I’ll use the attendance at both of those to pass along items of interest to you folks out there.

What are my qualifications, and who the hell am I? (yep, I heard you ask that). I’ve been a lifelong outdoor enthusiast and quite early I gravitated towards power sports. First bike I had at 12 years old. Also had my first lesson in “never loan out your stuff to buddies” too, when a friend of mine borrowed the bike and promptly crashed it. Now I’m a little bit older, quite a bit more cynical (I call it experience), and I’ve seen and done many things. Right now I’ve got vehicles ranging from a military 6×6, to a custom Cummins powered Suburban, to 6×6 amphibious all terrain vehicles. Oh, and also dirt bikes, a minibike of sorts – the Rokon 2×2, and other toys. I work on all of them, and I use all of them – hard. Which means there’s lots of maintenance involved, and I’m the one to do it all.

I’ve imported Unimogs and other items from the other side of the pond, bought, sold and restored quite a few things, and dealt in government surplus (the 6×6 is a holdover from that. I still do the government auctions now and again, and that’s going to be another thing I address in this blog).

Anyway, that should give you an idea where I’m going with this, and if anyone has any questions…hey, feel free to shoot them to me!

Drive On!


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