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Comms for vehicles

One thing that I don’t see too much discussion of – vehicle communications. Both in vehicle, inter-vehicle, and including scanners. For the in vehicle communications, unless you’re running light armor or ex-military vehicles, regular hand and voice signals are usually … Continue reading

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Been a bit slow here, but I’ve got some posts coming up that might be of interest..

Working on some small articles for vehicle security, vehicle based first aid kits, offensive driving, and communications. Stay tuned!

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Ex-Military vehicles

Historic military vehicles, ex-military vehicles, tactical trucks, whatever you want to call them – they’ve always had a huge attraction within the survivalist or prepper community.   Somewhat rightfully so.  The design requirements for tactical vehicles (and by tactical vehicles, … Continue reading

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Pray for the victims of the Boston incident..

God, please take care of the victims, and responders of this incident. And when we find out who was involved, I hope the sons of bitches burn in hell. That is all.

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Jumper cables…easy enough, right?

Those evil, evil devices. There’s not a single set of cables I’ve ever seen at a local auto parts store that’s worth a tinkers damn. Not a single one. About the only way I know to find a decent set … Continue reading

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So What’s in Your Vehicle?

Vehicle Every Day Carry (EDC) for the urbanite. Most of your readers are familiar with this term, especially as it applies to the individual. No, this isn’t an example of VEDC! The same idea, though, can be applied to your … Continue reading

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Ultimate vehicles? Really?

Most of us have seen the various top tier BOV’s (Bug Out Vehicles) that are being advertised, or for that matter created by some terrific builders out there. Extremely capable vehicles, for sure. Often a bit over the top too. … Continue reading

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What you know versus what you have…

One of the issues that’s always struck me about the whole preparedness game is that much of it is marketing and product driven. I guess that’s to be expected, but those of us that have been in this endeavor for … Continue reading

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