Comms for vehicles

One thing that I don’t see too much discussion of – vehicle communications. Both in vehicle, inter-vehicle, and including scanners.

For the in vehicle communications, unless you’re running light armor or ex-military vehicles, regular hand and voice signals are usually workable. It’s ideal if you, and your co-driver or navigator figure out prowords before things get froggy though. What do I mean by prowords? Primarily simple single word designators that might stand in for more complex phrases. Same kind of thing is used in radio communications.

Things get a bit more interesting when you’re doing inter-vehicle communications. What do you use? Do you need low power, high power, both? Encrypted? Freq hopping? Cheap or cost is no object? What about antennas? What about high versus low profiles? How about training? How easy are they to use? Can you use them while dismounted?

Then scanners – which are more important, sometimes, than anything else. Without being able to gather intel on the move, or while static, there’s a good chance that the first time you find out something is wrong, is going to be too late to do anything about it. Those scanners will give you prior warning, and in a fluid situation prior warning is like gold.

I’ll be doing separate posts on all these concepts, as time goes on. But these are just a few things to think about in the meantime….

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