Glint….no, it’s not a new type of fad or nothin’…

Those of you .mil types know exactly what I’m talking about.

Glint. Flare. Sparkle, whatever you want to call it, it’s one of the best ways to call attention to your location, whether you want to or not. On a decent day, you’ll see a sunlight reflection from a polished surface for tens of miles, which if course is exactly why you carry reflector mirrors in your survival kits (you do, don’t you? Good.)

If you’re trying to be somewhat low key, and you’re in the middle of nowhere or for that matter close by something you don’t want to be seen by, you have to consider camouflage. I’ll get into that whole camo thing later, but when you do park your vehicle, cover the damned windows and mirrors.

Lots of things will work, even throwing your floor mats on your windshield will help, but do your best to cut down on glint or reflection sources from your vehicle.

An old trick that was used in North Africa, and other places during WW2 was to drain a bit of the crank case oil. Slather it over the windows or other reflective surfaces, and then throw whatever local dirt or soil you have onto it. Let the excess skate off, and clean out just enough of a slit to see through. It works surprisingly well. Better yet of course is to have something premade that you can drape over your windshield and windows or mirrors.

Anyway, something to think about, and a trick to use if necessary.

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