Ah, decisions, decisions…Cummins 24 valve versus putting in a 12 valve…

I’m waffling on either getting rid of my built Subbins truck – a few of the specs are:
1986 body
Dana 60 front w/ Detroit Locker, Warn hubs
Corporate 14 bolt rear with FF, Detroit Locker
Cummins 24v with 275RV injectors, pretty new VP44 pump, various other upgrades
NV4500, fixed fifth gear issue
Twin disc clutch
Custom front leaves from National Spring
FASS….transmission filters….high cap third member covers with cooling fins…transmission cooler…etc etc etc

One option is to trade the build 24 valve for a 12 valve model of the Cummins 5.9. I find I just don’t play around with the power much, and I like the simplicity of the 12 valve. The 24 valve makes stupid amounts of power – that I don’t use. What I don’t like about it are the electronics, but I’m sure there’s someone out there that would rather have the additional features of the 24 valve. I know that someone ain’t me!

The other option is to just sell the whole damned thing off, and eventually build up another one. That’d sure free up some capital, and I could complete (more or less) my regular driver/camper, plus probably get a commuting bike too. While still winding up with some cash….

Yeah…decisions, decisions.

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