Military OZ tires, and what that means

One thing you’ll notice, sooner or later, if you deal with military vehicles: The tires that they use are often marked “Military OZ”.

What that marking denotes is an OZone stable tire – designed for long shelf life, and able to withstand sun without oxidizing and cracking. Mostly you’ll see it on the NDCC tires, but you’ll also see it on some of the Michelins that are being used.

If you’re looking to store or have a backup vehicle, or for that matter a bug out vehicle, having those tires mounted is great for peace of mind, and one less thing to have to deal with. I don’t know how many tires I’ve tossed in my life, due to oxidation. Then again, I just pulled off some tires made in 1975….not holding air any more, but if I needed to I’d experiment with filling them with foam.

Back to the OZ tires – from what I’ve been told by my tire supplier, the actual compound differs in that more of a certain wax is added to the rubber compound.

So those of you that run 16″, 16.5″, and 20″ wheels might want to keep your eyes peeled for those military OZ rated tires. I’ll throw out a photo here in a bit, showing you what to look for on the sidewalls.

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