Here’s another one…slightly higher profile.

Nice job, but lots of work.

Nice job, but lots of work.

Definitely a worthy vehicle, but talk about high profile!

It does have all the important bits on it, though. Heavy duty goodness, a Cummins 12 valve, 1 ton axles, etc etc. (if the pic owner has any issues with this, please contact me and I’ll pull it immediately…just gotta say though…NICE JOB!).

Yeah folks, they’re out there. Those vehicles everyone dreams of, but no one sees. Often they’ve being built by someone with a dream, and lots of time. Plenty of stuff hidden in barns, back lots, and fields. Not to mention auction lots, storage lots and impound lots. I’ll post up some more pics on this particular truck in a future post, since it does have quite a few features of interest to the survivalist/prepper crowd.

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