Readers might want to look at some of the other blogs out there, concerning vehicle based issues…

Some good content at J Mosby’s site concerning vehicle based patrolling – see it at ….for some frikking reason I can’t put links in right now. Such is the life of a wordpress noob.

So here’s the URL:

Some additional content can be found from Max Velocity, and his published guide “Contact”. Check out his info at

Both of these guys have BTDT, real world experience. Both have great input into how to use those vehicles, specifically focusing on tactical issues and application thereof. Lots of information to ponder, assess and possibly adopt.

In the real world out here, I’ve got too many vehicle maintenance issues to even think about tackling all of them. The transmission went down in the 6×6 AATV, so that’s been pulled. Main bike is still waiting for parts from the machine shop, but on the good side I did manage to score some needed M35A2 parts, locally, that’ll help sort out the brake issues.

Also, I’m going to try to head out to this years SHOT show, to see what’s interesting in the vehicle associated front. I’ll be posting up anything new I come across.


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