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Aaannndd..Farmington PD is in on the MRAP stuff too

More, more more…but hey, they’re “free”, right? Advertisements

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Learning from that MRAP example…

Ya know, looking at the shenanigans with that LE MRAP incident, it strikes me that this is a great teaching moment about dealing with vehicles you’re not familiar with. Not that this is a big deal for the owners of … Continue reading

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More entertainment from the Banning MRAP incident…

1. Free MRAP, check 2. About $100K to modify it for PD uses, check 3. Collision during 1100 mile delivery trip, and subsequent $40k payout for damages, check 4. MRAP is sitting in PD yard, unused, and unusable….check A little … Continue reading

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Well, here we go…Banning PD manages to hit a POV with their MRAP

OK, as crashes go, this wasn’t too bad. Everyone was very, very lucky nothing worse happened. But seriously…driving from Ft. Bliss to Banning/Beaumont, CA in an MRAP – with an unlicensed driver? Genius, guys. Sheer genius.     The city … Continue reading

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