Well, here we go…Banning PD manages to hit a POV with their MRAP

OK, as crashes go, this wasn’t too bad. Everyone was very, very lucky nothing worse happened.

But seriously…driving from Ft. Bliss to Banning/Beaumont, CA in an MRAP – with an unlicensed driver?

Genius, guys. Sheer genius.


Yep, that left a mark.

Yep, that left a mark.


The city admins are quite thrilled with this also, and if you want to read further, here’s a link for you: http://banning-beaumont.patch.com/groups/police-and-fire/p/update-councilman-blasts-police-acquisition-of-mrap-vehicle-city-manager-not-happy

As part of this post – do you know how to handle a front steering axle blow out at speed? One thing I’ll tell you is don’t stomp on the brakes!

  • Slow down using engine compression, or very light braking.
  • Use both hands on the wheel, and be ready to counteract feedback.
  • If you, for some reason, still have unbelted passengers, they need to belt up immediately (why aren’t they belted to begin with?).
  • Be aware that the flat tire side will have a tendency to “grab” anything that’s a different profile than the roadway, and it’ll get bad if it hits soft soils. Quite a few times, highway and interstate medians and dirt shoulders are softer than you think..

We’re going to be seeing lots more incidents like these as time goes on. MRAP and other military vehicle designs aren’t the easiest things to drive, and they’re unforgiving of driver errors.

If any readers see other articles concerning MRAP crashes, domestically (especially those that are released to local PD’s), I’d like to hear of them. Feel free to post them up in the comments.





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