Learning from that MRAP example…

Ya know, looking at the shenanigans with that LE MRAP incident, it strikes me that this is a great teaching moment about dealing with vehicles you’re not familiar with.

Not that this is a big deal for the owners of said vehicles, or experienced operators – but for those of you with families or significant others, can they deal with driving your vehicles?

Can they physically handle driving, shifting, brakes, even getting into and out of the vehicle? If not, this is something that needs to be addressed, because there’s a good chance that additional adults riding in that truck or car with you, while you’re evacuating an area, might be tasked with operating the vehicle.

What about ancillary devices? Winches, lights, communications gear, does everyone know where everything is packed (is stuff labeled? Got a few guides to what’s in your truck/car, located in a place that’s easy to get to?) How about spare parts? Does everyone on board know where the spare tires are, and where the jack, the handles, chocks, flares, etc are located?

Think ahead and game out what might be needed….



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