As often happens, we get reminders of our loss.

Our dog was given her final mercy around 5 pm, on February 9th.

She used to have a habit, every night, for years without fail. Around 0415 or so, she would get up, and I would hear her nails clicking on the tiles as she walked into the kitchen to the water bowl. She’d lap up the water until she was satisfied, and then, as I lay in bed, I would hear her return to her bed, claws clicking away in her particular cadence. She would stop, and I would hear her groan as she laid down.

At 0411, the morning of February 10th, I was woken up by the sound of her claws, as she walked to the kitchen. Only two clicks, but very distinct. I remember waking up in the usual way, and thinking “Tam…water…” and then glancing at the glowing LED of the alarm clock. And realizing….well.

4:11 AM.

Gone for about eleven hours at that point.

Dream. Memory. A soul passing through, and a reminder?

Comforting, yet sad at the same time.

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