More on survival bikes..

Most of the survival bikes you see out there – the ones that are styled after the Mad Max movies – are more style than function.

What I want to do is keep the bike relatively low key, yet have “survival bike” features.

Just for some bling though, I’ll probably be doing a three or four color woodland scheme on it. Yep, not low profile, by any means, but still…gotta have fun. If I was doing a really low profile bike, I’d probably do it in gray/green/black tones, and not hang a ton of crap on it. Many of the styled survival bikes go for the organic look. Which is entertaining, but not necessarily functional.

I’ll be looking at doing better filtration, both for oil and air. Better cooling, again, both water and oil. More armor for the bike – skid plates, radiator shields, etc. I’ll be focusing on keeping it as quiet as possible, instead of as loud as possible. (yeah, loud pipes save lives….but for this bike they’re not a good idea. Unless I can….nah. Not giving that idea away yet hehe)

Today the plugs were pulled, MMO (Marvel Mystery Oil) was dropped into the cylinders, and within the next few days of work, I’ll turn her over to distribute the oil. I’ve already drained the sump oil, once the filters come in I’ll be putting some cheap 30 weight oil in, or maybe a 50/50 mix of 30 weight and ATF. I’ll run it up to some kind of temp, if she fires off at all, and the cheap oil will act as a cleaner. Then another filter change, more cheap oil again.

In the meantime, timing belts will be changed out, I’ll probably put some new plugs in since the old ones are pretty heavily fouled (bike was run rich for quite a while).

If the engine sounds good, then I’ll be getting to work on tires/wheels/brakes/fluids/electricals/serious cleaning/paint/seat mods/fork and shock rebuild, etc etc etc etc

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