Blech…mung and rust.

Finally pulled the carb assembly, and as with everything else…sigh. Rust.

I think this bike might have been a wee bit close to the coast at some time in its life.



Ah well, it’ll probably clean up fine. A bit of MMO, some aluminum foil, an impact driver, a BFH, and I’ll have those bowls off in a jiffy.

On the plus side, there were assorted fasteners in the muck on top of the engine, so I’m ahead of the game with fasteners. I think that’s a plus…I think. Maybe. Kinda disappointed there were no mouse carcasses though, or at least a dead lizard.


Then to add insult to injury, I found out about the back fees associated with it. Err….whaddya mean $613? Frikking California, I love this state so much. I’ll probably try to reason my way out of the fees, write a letter or two, etc.

For those of you that are looking at used bikes, cars, etc in the fine state of California, use this link to check out whether or not the registration is up to date, and what the fees are:

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