Every so often, we talk dog here…Mzirand the Ridgeback


Years back, I had a good buddy by the name of Mzirand. Pure blood Rhodesian Ridgeback, first generation from African stock.

Quite the petite female – only 128 pounds.

No, she wasn’t dainty. At all.

The pic is of her, about two weeks after an encounter with a pickup truck. She’s the only dog I’ve ever seen that had an honest to God tire mark diagonally across her back. That shoulder laceration you see went to the bone. That scab on her head? Remnant from a scalp peel back.

End result from the “evil wheeled beast fight”? I’m convinced she thought she won it.

After all….the truck ran away.

What a helluva dog, LOL, what a helluva dog.


She lived to a decent old age, about 12 years. In the end, pyometriosis got her.

She had an adventurous life though. I used to take her out on archaeological surveys. Maybe one of these days I’ll post up some of those pics, as I dig them out.

Rest easy, Z…and say howdy to Tam, Barkley, and all the rest of our faithful friends.



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