And another one gone…Millie the Corgi, End of Watch.


Winter Solstice, 12:15 PM, Pacific Time.

Her passing was quick and easy, the time leading up to it, not so much.

15 years and three months, born September 2000, and gone today.

Bravo Zulu Millicent A.K.A. Millie, Millery, Millie the Destroyer,Shit Trumpet, Whistle Pig, Short Round…..truly the heart of a Corgi. Tough dog, and a great pack member.

I’ll tell stories about her in the future, but for now, and before I add pics…..this is a placeholder.

Xmas Millie

I’m thinking that I’ll be contracting someone over at DeviantArt to do a custom memorial art piece about Millie – which will go onto the Puch Haflinger front panel. I’ll post up when it’s done.

Been a tough Christmas…..but I hope everyone that reads this has a good Christmas and New Year.

Give your dog a treat and a pat, say it’s from Millie.



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