Got skills?

If not, I encourage you to develop them.

Even if nothing happens, you’ll have a skillset that is a possible money earner, plus having the knowledge that, yes, you actually are fairly self reliant.

The link below is to a page that’s dedicated to the father of the original author.  A farmer, weldor, and generally an empirically trained engineer that could, and did, build things that were too expensive to purchase. Generally farm equipment, but also quite a bit of tooling, and tool improvements.

Looking at that page, you can get an idea as to what the thought process and build process are like.

It’s a shame that in many of our public schools, we decided to forego the industrial shop  classes that I, and preceding generations used to develop our initial skills.

Anyway, here’s the link, to some of the projects of a pretty smart man

Varmint Al’s page about his Father.

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