Time for a trailer project….

This time it’s a Humvee trailer project.

I bought one of the flatbed models, an M116A3 flatbed HMMWV trailer at a government auction. Side note – I miss the days of DRMO and even GL. Now that it’s Ironplanet, it’s not the same. But I digress.

It’s a flatbed model, rated at 3/4 ton, comes with a surge brake, separate parking brakes, and equipped with humvee tires and wheels, this will make a fine little unit to tow behind our 4×4 RV, carrying extra supplies, food, water, and acting as a hauler for our Steyr Puch Haflinger.

I posted earlier on the method I used to get those freaking tires mounted onto the HMMWV rims (ya gotta get a bead seater, I’m tellin’ ya!) so that’s one thing less to deal with.

Now it’s onto some light welding, making some oak or hardwood rub rails, adding tool boxes, spare Unimog can racks, painting, etc. Plus rewiring for 12V civilian lights, but I’m going to use the original military light housings for that, just running 12V bulbs.

First step was hacking the wheel wells to the right width to fit the Haflinger, now it’s on to bending some steel and welding up some things. Then ramps, tie downs, etc.

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