Book review – The Dark Secrets of SHTF Survival

I’ve never done a book review here, but there’s a first time for everything. Like many of you, I’ve known of Selco for years now, and I’ve read many of his posts. I know a bit of his history and where his experience originated.

He was in the middle of one of the recent conflicts (well, relatively recent) in Europe, that of the Yugoslavian breakup. As it happened, he was trapped in a major city, and had to rapidly learn, and deal with what happens during an extreme urban SHTF.

For those of you that are urbanites, this book is a powerful introduction to how things work in society when things go seriously awry.

How powerful? Well, if you are serious about survival, are mature and pragmatic enough to handle what’s said in the book, and take it to heart – I believe that this book might be the single most valuable book on the subject out there. (Yeah, the cover is a bit….over the top, but hey, marketing!)

Note that I specified “mature and pragmatic”. I mean that wholeheartedly – if you stress easily, etc – leave this text to someone else to deal with. For example, I’d never consider this for a youngster. Hell, I wouldn’t consider this for my wife either, she’d stress out like crazy after reading it.

This book is harsh and can be upsetting for many readers, and details the ugly realities of war from a trapped civilian point of view. Descriptions and examples of incidents are blunt and to the point. It can be quite graphic, and in many sections it also will speak to the psychological and emotional effects of conflict.

Various sections deal with how to identify data points leading up to SHTF level events, early, mid, and late stages of SHTF. How to survive in a city under siege as a civilian, how to deal with others, movement, sanitation, the importance of groups, etc. Additionally, and very importantly, the book also contains a section on aftermath, when things “normalize” (even though they never really do, do they?)

I’m not getting any proceeds from this book review, either. I purchased it free and clear. I just think that it’s important enough, and for some folks it will make the difference between survival, and no survival. Cheap enough, available through Amazon.

Maybe I’ll do some more book reviews, if so, I’ll keep them simple and speedy reads.

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