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One of those days….


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Time for a trailer project….

This time it’s a Humvee trailer project. I bought one of the flatbed models, an M116A3 flatbed HMMWV trailer at a government auction. Side note – I miss the days of DRMO and even GL. Now that it’s Ironplanet, it’s … Continue reading

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Sadly, Dr. Jerry Pournelle has passed on.

Anyone that’s into self reliance probably has read something, or everything, written by Dr. Pournelle. He passed on Sept. 8, 2017. Dr. Pournelle’s site, Chaos Manor,  is here Chaos Manor, if you’d like to leave a message go to the “Well … Continue reading

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For those of you on the West Coast…Unimog meet coming up at Calico, CA, October 13-15

All sorts of eurotrash vehicles show up to this meet/trail run. From the usual Unimogs, to Pinzgauers, Haflingers, MAN, Tatra and so forth. One never knows what, exactly, will show up. Usually we’ll have some domestic vehicles show up also, … Continue reading

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Tires, old tires, and bead seaters….

I’ve been mounting and dealing with tires for decades now. Sometimes in perfect situations, sometimes in miserable situations. Tires are, unfortunately, something almost everyone with a land based vehicle will have to deal with,  at one time or another. (Those … Continue reading

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Hurricane Irma on the way, and U.S. Virgin Islands set to start confiscations…..

Got an ex-military vehicle? How about a high profile vehicle? A nice boat? How about an RV? Generator? Weapons? Well, guess what….   NATL-GUARD virgin islands governors order

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Yet another thing to think about…Law Enforcement encounters during evac

There are good cops….and bad ones. Some of them seem to have lost the concept of “protect and serve”. Such as this guy, from the Orange County, Texas Sheriff’s Department. He’s a detective that seems to have a slight bit … Continue reading

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Hope you’re paying attention…

It sucks to be in a situation like the Harvey storm event. Unfortunately, it sucks even more when you’re not prepared. Hopefully there will be no more tragic deaths, and this storm will dissipate, and things can get back to … Continue reading

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Top 5 this, Top 10 that…

It always amuses me when I see lists that start this way. I can pretty much guarantee that these lists have been generated by someone that hasn’t used many, if any, of the items in the list. Case in point … Continue reading

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Never forget

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