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Here’s a good reminder to stay proficient with paper navigation… A fairly large area West of the Rockies is going to be undergoing a bit of a GPS signal issue, if anyone’s traveling, well, be aware of it. For those of you that are using GPS (most of us), … Continue reading

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Regarding the “Myth Of the Bug Out Vehicle”

So a recent article has been filed over at AllOutDoor, it’s here if you want to take a gander at it. The first line of that article is basically an abstract, and it covers what the entire article is about: … Continue reading

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Cribbing, and working on vehicles. Plus other things.

A few days ago I was reading a post on a forum, and a gentleman described the accident that he’d had a while back. He was working on his vehicle, and trying to break the pinion nut loose – but … Continue reading

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Learning from that MRAP example…

Ya know, looking at the shenanigans with that LE MRAP incident, it strikes me that this is a great teaching moment about dealing with vehicles you’re not familiar with. Not that this is a big deal for the owners of … Continue reading

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More entertainment from the Banning MRAP incident…

1. Free MRAP, check 2. About $100K to modify it for PD uses, check 3. Collision during 1100 mile delivery trip, and subsequent $40k payout for damages, check 4. MRAP is sitting in PD yard, unused, and unusable….check A little … Continue reading

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Wants and Needs, or How I Managed to Ignore Chrome

Time and time again I see threads on forums, posts on other blogs, or advertising copy that focuses on the coolness factor, versus function. It’s a huge factor in firearms sales outdoor sporting goods and general techie toys. But it … Continue reading

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Jumper cables…easy enough, right?

Those evil, evil devices. There’s not a single set of cables I’ve ever seen at a local auto parts store that’s worth a tinkers damn. Not a single one. About the only way I know to find a decent set … Continue reading

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So What’s in Your Vehicle?

Vehicle Every Day Carry (EDC) for the urbanite. Most of your readers are familiar with this term, especially as it applies to the individual. No, this isn’t an example of VEDC! The same idea, though, can be applied to your … Continue reading

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Ultimate vehicles? Really?

Most of us have seen the various top tier BOV’s (Bug Out Vehicles) that are being advertised, or for that matter created by some terrific builders out there. Extremely capable vehicles, for sure. Often a bit over the top too. … Continue reading

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