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Well, here we go…Banning PD manages to hit a POV with their MRAP

OK, as crashes go, this wasn’t too bad. Everyone was very, very lucky nothing worse happened. But seriously…driving from Ft. Bliss to Banning/Beaumont, CA in an MRAP – with an unlicensed driver? Genius, guys. Sheer genius.     The city … Continue reading

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Readers might want to look at some of the other blogs out there, concerning vehicle based issues…

Some good content at J Mosby’s site concerning vehicle based patrolling – see it at ….for some frikking reason I can’t put links in right now. Such is the life of a wordpress noob. So here’s the URL: Some … Continue reading

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Glint….no, it’s not a new type of fad or nothin’…

Those of you .mil types know exactly what I’m talking about. Glint. Flare. Sparkle, whatever you want to call it, it’s one of the best ways to call attention to your location, whether you want to or not. On a … Continue reading

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Comms for vehicles

One thing that I don’t see too much discussion of – vehicle communications. Both in vehicle, inter-vehicle, and including scanners. For the in vehicle communications, unless you’re running light armor or ex-military vehicles, regular hand and voice signals are usually … Continue reading

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