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And another one gone…Millie the Corgi, End of Watch.

Today. Winter Solstice, 12:15 PM, Pacific Time. Her passing was quick and easy, the time leading up to it, not so much. 15 years and three months, born September 2000, and gone today. Bravo Zulu Millicent A.K.A. Millie, Millery, Millie … Continue reading

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And another one gone, and another, and another…

Photos and audio to be inserted later, for some reason WordPress is being a bastard about that right now…   About a year and a half ago, Tamurand the Ridgeback took her final trip, At the time, I really thought … Continue reading

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Every so often, we talk dog here…Mzirand the Ridgeback

  Years back, I had a good buddy by the name of Mzirand. Pure blood Rhodesian Ridgeback, first generation from African stock. Quite the petite female – only 128 pounds. No, she wasn’t dainty. At all. The pic is of … Continue reading

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As often happens, we get reminders of our loss. Our dog was given her final mercy around 5 pm, on February 9th. She used to have a habit, every night, for years without fail. Around 0415 or so, she would … Continue reading

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Cribbing, and working on vehicles. Plus other things.

A few days ago I was reading a post on a forum, and a gentleman described the accident that he’d had a while back. He was working on his vehicle, and trying to break the pinion nut loose – but … Continue reading

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The Surreal World

Very strange. Very strange, indeed. Seeing a being that was once living, breathing. One that had a distinct personality. Now in a cedar box on a mantle. Strange. In other activities, I’m resurrecting an old Toyota pick up truck. It’ll … Continue reading

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Huh. Silly me.

Still bummed about the loss. Sitting here, I’m remembering that characteristic walk that the hounds and ridgebacks have. Precise foot positioning, a fluid sway to the back, and eyes focused on their target. Tam used to watch me from across … Continue reading

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And so, Father Time made his play – and a very gracious Rhodesian Ridgeback named Tam – is now gone

Yep. Not much to do with wheels now, in this post, but that’s OK too. My blog, after all, right? We had a friend, a family member, and a good and gracious soul pass on only a few hours ago. … Continue reading

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