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Readers might want to look at some of the other blogs out there, concerning vehicle based issues…

Some good content at J Mosby’s site concerning vehicle based patrolling – see it at ….for some frikking reason I can’t put links in right now. Such is the life of a wordpress noob. So here’s the URL: Some … Continue reading

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Glint….no, it’s not a new type of fad or nothin’…

Those of you .mil types know exactly what I’m talking about. Glint. Flare. Sparkle, whatever you want to call it, it’s one of the best ways to call attention to your location, whether you want to or not. On a … Continue reading

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Wants and Needs, or How I Managed to Ignore Chrome

Time and time again I see threads on forums, posts on other blogs, or advertising copy that focuses on the coolness factor, versus function. It’s a huge factor in firearms sales outdoor sporting goods and general techie toys. But it … Continue reading

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