Got skills?

If not, I encourage you to develop them.

Even if nothing happens, you’ll have a skillset that is a possible money earner, plus having the knowledge that, yes, you actually are fairly self reliant.

The link below is to a page that’s dedicated to the father of the original author.¬† A farmer, weldor, and generally an empirically trained engineer that could, and did, build things that were too expensive to purchase. Generally farm equipment, but also quite a bit of tooling, and tool improvements.

Looking at that page, you can get an idea as to what the thought process and build process are like.

It’s a shame that in many of our public schools, we decided to forego the industrial shop¬† classes that I, and preceding generations used to develop our initial skills.

Anyway, here’s the link, to some of the projects of a pretty smart man

Varmint Al’s page about his Father.

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Memorial Day


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Looking for a Bosch Dynastarter repair manual…

Anyone out there have a copy of one, or a .pdf? I’ll gladly pay for it.

Looks like the Haflinger Dynastart needs repair, if I have the manual, I can do it myself. Otherwise, it’ll have to be shipped off for refurbishment.

More than likely, Bosch automotive electrical repair manuals from the U.K., Germany, France or Italy will have the info. Time period is going to be the ’60’s.


Shoot me a message in the comments if you can help!

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RIP Hognose, A.K.A. Weaponsman

Hoist one to his memory, he’ll be missed.

Hognose’s Blog on weapons…soon to be gone

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Rest easy, Mzirand, you certainly earned it!

Just going through some files, came upon an old pic of my first Rhodesian Ridgeback. Quite a dog, and she’s the one that sold me on this breed.

Good girl, Z!


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If anyone is into Steyr Daimler Puch Haflingers, keep an eye peeled for this engine….

It’ll be number 5355304, from a 1963 Swiss 700AP. If you have any info, shoot me a message in the comments, and yes, if it’s out there, there’s a finders fee for it!

What’s a Puch Haflinger?

Here you go…


And believe it or not, I found the engine case in May, 2017!

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Czech Pilots of WW2

Here’s some history, straight from the participants.

Free Czechoslovak Air Force

View original post

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So the schooling is plodding along….

After spending some years, way back when, engaging in field archaeology and actually making a living at it (which is somewhat unusual), I left for greener pastures on another continent.

Those pastures turned out to be not so green after all and I returned to the area where I was born.

Life, you know? All sorts of interesting things happen to all of us. No one else really cares, but hey, such is life.

I decided to head back into archaeology, and back into formal schooling for it. Getting older sure as hell doesn’t make it easy. Retention and memory aren’t what they used to be. Nor is energy level for that matter. So….plodding along. Trying to make it work. Learning some new things, but notebooks are more important than they used to be.

At least I’m able to travel more with the family, and we’ve got some plans to move to a very different area and clime. That’ll be coming up soon, and maybe I’ll have more to say once we’re there.

Regarding the focus of this blog, well, it’s definitely going to have more cold weather to deal with. Maybe another Unimog is in my future too, I’ll need more load bearing capacity where we’re going.

The Puch Haflinger is still in rewiring stage, but I did get the cylinder and head back on. Maybe I’ll get back into the rewiring today, need to put the starter solenoid, relay, and the new regulator into the engine bay. At least things are now rewired. Tires are working out well on it, they’re the Black Diamond units. I’ll post what model they are in a later, more detailed post. For those of you that want to know more about SDP Haflingers, head on over to Markus’ site TheHaflinger dot com forum . Lots of owners over there, and a decent amount of activity. Plus the old information is invaluable.



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Well, ’tis the season, for at least some of us.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to you!


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Wow. Another year gone.

I hope all you folks had a decent year, and I hope the next year is better.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

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